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At the end of 1945, a young boy is taken to a brothel by his uncle in order to "become a man."



Burgundy, France, end of 1945. Uncle Jules has prepared a very traditional gift for his nephew Louis on the day of his 15th birthday. Eager on turning this little bugger into a real man, he takes him to his favorite brothel. Through the evening's bittersweet encounters, Louis discovers the adult world in all its cruelty.



Le neveu is a film about the complexity and the cruelty of the adult world. As we grow up, we are irremediably pulled out of our innocence through specific rites of passage. I wanted to tell the story of a one-night encounter that is grounded in its time, but still resonates with present day reality: the need to constantly re-assert the domination of manhood, the full-fledged reign of phallocracy in a profoundly hierarchical society. As we discover the character of Céline - the prostitute who has been "booked" for the boy - the film opens a new perspective to underline the fate of those at the bottom, whose hopes and dreams have long been crushed by social injustices which we too often take for granted.